POF Username

pof username for plenty of fish

Establishing a unique POF username for Plenty Of Fish is the first step in creating an interesting profile. After all, you want to get noticed right?  Next to a great photo that’s attractive, your pof username is second most important in gaining the right kind of attention. But lets face it, generating a not so good username may bring no interest at all or worse, the wrong kind of attention. There are several tricks to picking the most well suited name just for you in your online dating adventures!

BY default when you create your dating profile, POF will let you know if a username is already taken. You can also use the POF username search to see if your desired username is available.

The Do’s Of Picking A Lucky POF Username

Once you get logged on you will probably notice that most people use a two part username. This is actually the case with usernames for most other social apps as well. Generally people pick this type of username to advertise themselves or show what is most important to them. maybe even what they are looking for in return. If you decide to go with a two or multi part POF username, the first part of the username should indicate your personality type such as fun, cute, friendly, adventurous, outgoing, bold or whatever adjective or noun you’d like to use. The second part could be a character trait you want to play up, something descriptive (but not too telling) about yourself or something you are interested in. If the name you chose is already taken, try a unique spelling of one of the words or ad a number to the mix. Here are a few examples of some POF username ideas:

  • Adventuroushiker
  • Cutecuddler
  • Prettysmile
  • Brainygamer
  • Tinydancer
  • Musicluver

The Dont’s Of Picking A POF Username

You should use caution when picking a name that has strong sexual overtones. It’s ok to be flirty, but you don’t want to be offensive. Unless you are looking for casual fun, a username that is too sexy could bring out the creepers! Another thing to stay away from is using your real name. If you feel you must use a name at all, you might try picking a nick name or a different name altogether. Just remember to come clean before you actually decide to go on a date. It is not uncommon to use a pseudonym at first, so it is unlikely to be offensive unless you continue to use this name…. A lot of people tend to use the last two digits of the year they were born. This is redundant since your age is already in your profile. Using your birth date might make others think you are unoriginal or just plain boring. Mystery can be fun, but using a too vague POF username might be creepy and make people in search skip right past your profile. Some ideas to stay away from might include:

  • Loneyluver
  • Roughrider
  • Singlezrule
  • Confirmedbachelor
  • Izany1outhere

Updating Your POF Username

Now that you have some ideas of some pretty great usernames, you can get started creating a POF login and profile. Just remember, if you don’t get much attention or bad attention, you can always change your POF username by going to ‘Edit Profile’ and scrolling down to ‘Username’ at the bottom of the page if you are an upgraded member. Here you can make the desired change and finish by clicking ‘Update Registration’ and your new POF username will be saved.