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pof sign up and registration

The POF sign up process only takes a few minutes of your time to register and have access to meet thousands of singles. The best part about registering for PlentyOfFish is it is absolutely free. When you sign up for POF the only thing required is that you have a valid email address, which most of us do. There is no need for a mobile phone number or even a Facebook account like other dating sites require.

After you join PlentyOfFish you will notice right away that you will be walked through every step of registering. You will start out by picking a username, a password and then entering your email address and date of birth. After this information is submitted, PlentyOfFish will check to make sure all of your information is correct and that the username you want is not already taken. If everything looks good, you will start the next step which is filling out your profile details.

POF Sign Up And Entering Your Profile Information

It is extremely important you complete your profile as accurate as possible. The more information you enter, the easier it will be to find a match. Make sure you are honest about your profile details. The details of your profile when registering can be changed later, except for your username and date of birth. Upgraded members however, can change their username. The profile details section when you sign up for PlentyOfFish will ask a series of different questions such as height, income, body type, etc. You will also be required to write a little bit about yourself in the about me section.

All of these questions must be answered in order to complete the POF sign up.

Why You Should Upload Photos When You Register

Humans tend to be visual creatures. We are each attracted to different types of people. You would not want to miss out on an opportunity with someone who could be your soulmate simply because you neglected to upload some photos. Always make sure your photos are clear and show an accurate representation of yourself.

Since we all have access to a camera these days, adding some profile photos when you register should not be that hard to do. If you do not have a camera, try asking a friend to take a few photos. This might work out better than the typical bathroom selfie anyways.

Confirm Your Email

Make sure after you complete the POF sign up process that you confirm your email address. This not only makes your profile active, but lets the POF dating site know that you are a real person and not a bot. This is going to get the ball rolling for your online dating success. The first time you register, PlentyOfFish is going to automatically sign you in. When you log out you will be required to enter your PlentyOfFish login information then next time you want access to the site.

Ways To Sign Up

There are multiple ways to sign up for POF. You can always go to www.pof.com from your computer. The sign up procedure starts right on the home page. If you are more of the mobile type you can always install the POF app. Once you install the app, the first time you run it the app will ask you to register. Following the prompts on the screen will walk you through the entire process.

You can sign up for Plenty Of Fish using your iPhone, Android phone or tablet and even using your iPad. No matter which device you use the experience is going to be the same.

Things To Do After You Register For Plenty Of Fish

The first thing you are going to want to do after you sign up for Plenty Of Fish is try the POF search feature. Go ahead and enter in the specifications of ideal date! Don’t hold back, dig right in and see who may appear in the search results. If you find someone you like, go ahead and send them a message from your Plenty Of Fish inbox. You never know unless you try.

Other fun things you can do is try completing the compatibility tests. The dating site will then try to match you with someone they think could be compatible.

These are just a few things, along side meeting great people, that you can do when you sign up for POF.

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