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Online dating in the Emerald city has become one of the most popular activities in Washington. POF Seattle is a place where local residents can find love and relationships online for free. Being the home of Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates with Microsoft, Seattle dating culture is well versed in technology and online dating sites.

Seattle is the Northern most city in Washington state along the Puget Sound approximately 100 miles South of the Canadian border.  The coastal sea port city which is nested in King county Washington hold a population of roughly 670,000 people. The entire metropolitan area including Tacoma, Bellevue and Everett contain over 3.6 million people. Based on the population numbers this leaves a lot of room for Plenty Of Fish Seattle dating and potential messages in your POF inbox.

Date Ideas: Things To Do In POF Seattle

Seattle is composed of multiple attractions and fun dating ideas. The cultural arts district where many artists both musical and visual got their start is a great first date idea. Seattle also has the standard attractions as every other major city such as great restaurants and pubs. If you have never taken a trip up to the top of the space needle or visited the first Starbucks ever, these also might be of interest to try when you meet someone from Plenty Of Fish Seattle. Ferry rides can be a romantic twist when dealing with the rainy days of Washington.

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Elevations range from sea level to 14,000 ft mountains and you can go from land to sea in a matter of minutes. The geography of Seattle is very diverse as it is surrounded by lakes, rivers, streams, forest and fields. This leaves little room for lacking ideas for a date. Mild temperatures year round and a versatile environment allow for a great outdoor adventure with your new date from POF Seattle.

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