POF Search

pof search

Use the POF search now and find a date! There are multiple ways to search using Plenty Of Fish online dating. The most common are using the advanced, basic and username search. Each search type provides a different type of query to filter through online dating profiles when looking for a romantic connection. You can use these search types to narrow down exactly what you are looking for in a man or woman. Plenty Of Fish also allows you to use the basic search and simply browse locals.

To get the most results in your online dating experience, using the search is a great tool for you to utilize. There are 3 different types of searches on Plenty Of Fish. To access the POF search types, click on search at the top of the POF.com login page.

Once you are there, you will see 3 tabs. Basic search, advances search and username search. Each one provides a different function. You must be signed in to use the full potential of the Plenty Of Fish Search.

POF Advanced Search

pof advanced search

The POF Advanced search on Plenty Of Fish allows you to really narrow down the results. You can find online dating profiles by a number of search filters such as height ranges, age, race, hair color, drug and alcohol use, etc. So for example if you want to find a guy with blonde hair in POF New York you can do this here. Maybe you are looking for a Cuban woman that speaks Spanish in Plenty Of Fish Miami who is between 5’2 and 5’8, this is also possible in the advanced search.

The POF advanced search is a really great feature if you are searching for a long term relationship and know what you want. Your search result settings are also saved so next time you login and perform another Plenty Of Fish search the results will be right there. This is useful if you have a lot of different search filters stored in your settings and want to change a couple. It will save you time when performing searches to find love.

Using the POF app, the advanced search is the only search available other than the username search. Using the POF advanced search is something you should get familiar with as the search possibilities are endless. You can find the exact type of person you are looking for and there are more options here than in the basic search.

POF Search Basic

pof search basic

This search type only provides you with the most common search types. You can search users who are within a specific range of your zip code for example. The POF basic search is handy if you are looking to browse members. You never know, sometimes you may run in to someone you never thought you were compatible with and find out you are. The basic search is probably the most used search on Plenty Of Fish. To get to the pof search, go to http://www.pof.com/basicsearch.aspx

Username Searching

The Plenty Of Fish username search provides you with a way to look up someone by their username. Simply enter the username of the profile you are looking for and hit enter. If the username is associated with an account on the dating site, their profile will appear in the search results. If you only know a part of their username you can enter that as well and the POF search will attempt to locate profiles with similar screen names.