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Nick named “America’s Finest City’ Plenty Of Fish San Diego is a great place to meet some of the finest singles in California. Located in San Diego county in southern California, the city is the county seat. San Diego is located next to the Mexican border and south of Los Angeles. Being the second largest city in California and the eighth largest city in the United States with a population of over 1.3 million residents living in the area, finding your perfect match using POF San Diego should be a snap.

The filter function on the free online dating site really helps narrow your choices when using POF search. A must with a population this large. Not to mention the San Diego – Tijuana Metro area with an impressive population hovering on the edge of 5 million residents.

If your preference is a guy or gal in uniform, you’re in luck as the Naval Base San Diego is the largest base in the United States. Military men, you might want to check out your POF inbox and see who wants to meet up with you.

Considering the region is an international metropolis, first date ideas are endless. The cross culture and ethnic diversity create a surreal romantic vibe. Sometimes, narrowing you choices can be nerve wracking.

Game Plan: Ideas For A First Date POF San Diego Meet Up

Located on the north east edge of the San Diego Bay, there are many beach front communities to roam hand in hand, as well as a large number of impressive beaches along the pacific coast on the Point Loma peninsula. The bay lends for a ton of different water dates. From sailing to speed boating, water skiing or a leg work out on a paddle boat, activities on the water are always a fun and flirty way to get started with your date from POF San Diego. Romantically speaking, a gondola ride in the cays of the bay is at the top of the list for a first date must.

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For the nature lovers, you might want to put on some hiking shoes and explore the Laguna Mountains in the Peninsular Ranges or hop on a bike and get to mountain biking. If you prefer being outside but closer in town, you’ll enjoy the hills and natural open spaces throughout the city. The San Diego river runs through the canyons in the city where you can enjoy canoeing or kayaking for a day of fun. There are several beautiful parks to discover and plenty of time to get to know one another strolling along the hiking trails.

With the mild climate year round and an average temperature in the late 60’s, low 70’s, members of Plenty Of Fish San Diego that love being outside have endless opportunities for a perfect first encounter.

San Diego is a major tourist industry with extensive attractions. But you don’t have to be visiting to enjoy your own city. You can take a trip to anyone of the amusement parks, San Diego Zoo or San Diego Sea World and share memories about fun childhood experiences. Or maybe you’ve live here all your life but never got the chance to enjoy the local attractions. A first date is an excellent opportunity to appreciate city together with your POF San Diego partner.

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As far as free online dating goes, Plenty Of Fish is one of the top dating sites. This is no different in Plenty Of Fish San Diego. The only thing you have to do is sign up for an account and create a profile. That is, unless you do not like meeting attractive singles from the California area. If you have a smart phone or computer (which we are guessing you do since you are reading this) then you are almost there. Create your POF login and see who is single in the San Diego area. You might want to check out POF San Francisco and the other surrounding areas near by to further expand your dating possibilities. You can even browse the entire POF USA section of the site if you are bound and determined to find your match! Odds are you will not have to look past POF San Diego, though.