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POF mobile users can download the POF app absolutely free now! There are many advantages to using the POF App. Using the POF mobile app allows you to never miss a message no matter where you are at. Another thing the app does is displays [email protected] users who are close to you. This is all based off of the GPS location set in your phone. So if you want to chat with other users within 500 ft to a mile or two of your current location, this is possible. Of course you still can chat with anyone from anywhere in the world looking for a date. Virtually every aspect of the mobile POF app works the same as the main site. Everything from sending messages to using the POF search.

The mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. There is also a version that runs on Blackberry but the reviews are not that great. You can try it though and leave your own Plenty Of Fish review. We actually think it easily fits in to one of the best free dating apps available at the moment.

If you do not wish to download the app on your phone or tablet you are not required to in order to use Plenty Of Fish. Alternatively you can also access the Plenty Of Fish home page using your mobile device with your browser. In most cases, POF will detect you are on a mobile device and display the correct home page. You will be able to use all of the same great features the dating site offers. Sending and receiving messages, uploading photos and you can even block people on POF. Only difference is you are mobile!

POF App Login

You have 2 different options when you wish login to POF from a mobile device. This next section will show you how to do both.

1. POF Mobile App

First you want to install the POF app for your mobile device and then install. Once this is complete, look for the new icon to launch the app. It will be the POF fish logo. Tap the icon to start the program. Once the mobile app is started for the first time you will see a scree that looks like this:

plenty of fish mobile login

Initially, the app will ask you to enter your POF login. Go ahead and enter your Plenty Of Fish user name and password. Tap login, and you are ready to start using one of the best free online dating apps in the world. If you are not yet a user you can create an account from this screen as well.

2. Mobile Site

The mobile site for Plenty Of Fish is located at pof.com. You can login to the mobile site the exact same way you would if you were using the mobile app. In fact, the mobile site and the mobile app look almost identical with a few minor differences. The login form is at the top of the screen, displayed in the example below.

plenty of fish mobile site

Once you are on the mobile site you can also download the POF app if you wish. There will be a prompt at the top of the screen. If you do not have a Plentyoffish account you can create one from the home page.

App Configurations, Questions And Related Downloads

The plentyoffish.com app is completely configurable to your liking. By default push notifications are enabled. Your POF inbox messages will come up as text messages do on your mobile device. You can turn this off in the settings.

The POF mobile app always online.

You will need to sign out. The mobile app stays online when you are signed in so you do not miss any messages.

POF app not sending messages.

If this happens you need to check for a few things. Make sure you have internet access or data to your mobile device. If you do have data then try restarting your device to see if that helps.

Where To Download The POF App

The following locations are where you can access the POF app. Select your device and follow the link. POF UK and Europe users can download the app at the same locations.











Have fun using the Plenty Of Fish app!

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