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pof inbox on plenty of fish

Your POF inbox is the primary tool you will be using to communicate with members on Plenty Of Fish. You can send and receive messages for free with your POF inbox. Login to your POF inbox now to check email and see who wants to date you!

Most online dating sites other than Plenty Of Fish require a paid membership to send mail.

To start using your POF inbox first you must login to Plenty Of Fish. If you do not have a Plenty Of Fish account you can create one for free. Once you are signed in you will check at the top left hand corner of the page for an icon that says “new”.

If you are using POF mobile, the icon will look similar but it will be labeled messages. If you have any unread mail, Plenty Of Fish will display the number of unread messages.

So in the example below, the user has 17 unread messages in their inbox.

new messages on plenty of fish

After you click on the messages aka inbox link, your messages will be displayed. From within your inbox you can choose to read, respond and delete POF mail sent to you.

Your POF inbox will also display users who are online that have previously sent you messages.

If you wish to reply to a user who has sent a message to you, click or tap anywhere in the inbox thread where their mail appears. This will open up their message to you.

After you read their message you can type your response in the text box and hit send reply. View more messages, allows you to view older conversations between you and the selected user.

You can also block the selected user or delete the entire conversation. Attaching a gift is for POF upgraded users which allows you to send the user a pre selected image.

replt to a message on pof

POF Sendmessage

On a side note if you wish to initiate a conversation with someone who has never sent a message to your mailbox and you are in POF viewprofile, you will be able to contact them using the POF sendmessage at the bottom of their page.

If you are the shy type, or can not think of anything to say at the moment you can also send a flirt by clicking the show interest button.

option to send a message to users inbox or a flirt on pofPOF Inbox Additional Options: Sent Messages, Contact History And Top Prospects

pof sent messages, top prospects and contact historyJust about everything in your Plenty Of Fish inbox is free to use. This not only includes receive and send messages, but 3 other sections of your inbox labeled:

  • Sent messages
  • Contact History
  • Top Prospects

These sections serve as a valuable tool when it comes to keeping in contact with potential online dates.

Sent Messages

Sent messages can be useful , especially on Plenty Of Fish. If you tend to write a lot of people and lose track of who you have written to, you can always check your sent messages.

This list displays all emails you have sent from your inbox. Upgraded users can also check when a message was read as well as the last time the message recipient was online.

Contact History

Contact history is a bit different than sent messages. This section of Plenty Of Fish will not only show you users who you have contacted in the past but will also display users who have contacted you.

There are a variety of search parameters you can use to sort these members. You can sort by who made first contact to you, who you contacted first, gender and age.

Plenty Of Fish Top Prospects

Top prospects is a section of your POF inbox you might want to check it out if you wish to let your chemistry test results influence potential dates that may result in a connection. POF claims these users are sorted by how comparable you are with them.

This section will only display people you have been in contact with within the last 90 days.

POF Inbox Messages Disappeared From Inbox!

Many people claim that their POF inbox messages disappeared from inbox. There are multiple reasons for messages to seem to disappear.

  • If the sender deleted their profile or removed by a moderator.
  • POF blocked the user for inappropriate content.
  • Message is over 30 days old.

In most cases the last correspondence was over 30 days. So make sure you keep up with your messages! If not, your email messages can vanish.

Advanced Message Settings

Lets face it, most people do not want to receive cut and paste messages in their inbox. Plenty Of Fish has some settings that will help Instead of demanding it or complaining inside your profile. First open your POF Inbox.

Now choose Mail Settings and pick the option ‘First Contact Message Must Be’. The choices are: Anything, 50, 100, 200 and 300 characters minimum.

Keep in mind that 50 characters is only about two complete sentences. Please also note this only applies to the very first message a user sends. This will help weed out messages with less substance and actually force the user to write more than just “hi” or “hey”.

If you are a bit more serious about online dating you may want to try using this feature.

POF Login Inbox

When you use your POF login inbox messages are the first thing to appear. Are you ready to see who is interested in getting to know you? Either use your POF login or click the following link to access your POF inbox directly. http://www.pof.com/inbox.aspx.

To look for more users to email use the POF search and contact the user directly from their profile.

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