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POF Birmingham actually covers 2 cities on Plenty Of Fish. This article is going to cover free online dating in reference to the city of Birmingham located in POF USA. If you want to learn more about Birmingham, United Kingdom the check out the article about POF UK. Whether your searching for love, companionship or even a casual friendship, hands down POF Birmingham is a optimal choice for your online search. Plenty Of Fish Birmingham is one of the most popular free online dating resources to meet other single people in Alabama. Thousands of people have found love on POF Birmingham and best of all, you can take your time because its free to use. There are literally thousands of Plenty of Fish members online right now looking for the same thing you are. Get started now and your days of loneliness are over. Nicknamed ‘The Magic City’, Plenty of Fish Birmingham offers so many opportunities for love, you just might find the magic carries over into a special new relationship.

Located in the deep south, Birmingham, Alabama is well known for its southerly charm. As the county seat of Jefferson County, POF Birmingham is the states largest city with a population of over 200,000 in the city itself. Combine that with the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan area and that number goes up to almost 1.2 million people. In a population of that size, you’re sure to find a gentleman with a southern drawl or a southern belle with all the charm of the south.  If you happen to be a commuter or maybe are looking to widen your search even farther you might be inclined to search out POF Atlanta as its roughly 140 miles away.

10 Great Date Ideas On POF Birmingham, Alabama

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  1. Check out the Vulcan Park and Museum

    As Birmingham’s city symbol (unofficially), this is a date must for any new couple. Enjoy the beautiful views from the observation balcony.

  2. Delight in the beautiful sunsets atop Red Mountain.

    This is a great, relaxing way to get to know your date on an intimate level. Of course, you’ll want to treat him or her to a nice dinner before.

  3. Visit the IMAX Dome at the McWane Science Center

    While you’re there, you and your date might enjoy checking out some of the exhibits. You just might learn something new and it will give you something to talk about.

  4. Ride the zip line at Red Mountain Park

    This is a great date idea for the adrenaline junkie couple. You might want to hike up the trail to the top of the zip line and enjoy the ride down. Surely this will provide something to chat about at the bottom.

  5. Enjoy the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Garden

    Stroll hand in hand as you get to know one another in this beautiful spot. There are multiple benches and gazebos to sit back and enjoy the company of your new date. Best of all, just like Plenty of Fish, it’s free!

  6. Cahaba River ride

    Whether you like to kayak, swim, canoe or tube this is a great way to for the child at heart couple to spend an afternoon with your new friend on a first date. If you are feeling extra rambunctious try out one of the rope swings along the river.

  7. Decipher the mystery of the Fountain in Five Points

    If your first date is lacking conversation, take a ride to one of POF Birmingham’s strangest objects of art. Most certainly you’ll leave perplexed, but you’ll most definitely have something to discuss.

  8. Visit the LightRails Color Tunnel

    This bright, colorful tunnel is located under the railroad tracks on 14th street. You can take a drive in the car or walk the pedestrian path. Either path you choose you’ll come out on the other side with something to say.

  9. Go shopping at the Grand River Outlet Mall

    Some times you can really get to know a person while doing some relaxing window shopping. This is a great way to find out what your date is interested in and what they like to do. You could always grab some lunch in the food court.

  10. Date night at the Alabama Theater

    This is not your typical dinner and a movie date. The beautifully restored theater will leave you feeling like you and your date stepped back in time.

Getting Started With Plenty Of Fish If You Live In Alabama

There are so many people looking for a relationship in Alabama using the free online dating site Plenty Of Fish. If you are single and wish to try online dating, don’t worry it is simple.

If you haven’t signed up for a free online dating account with POF Birmingham, you can do so right now. It’s free and super easy to create a POF login. With a great profile and some fantastic pics, you can begin your search for love online. Online dating has never been this easy!  Once you create your personal account, there will literally be thousands of men and women to search through. You may even find you may need to utilize the POF search to filter search results through all those prospects. If you have a smart phone or mobile device you can make your dating search even simpler by getting the mobile app for Plenty Of Fish downloaded straight to your phone or tablet. Sign up for a free membership and see what everyone is talking about.

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