Online Dating VS Traditional Dating

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Ever wonder if there are any benefits to online dating vs traditional dating? Maybe you have never tried online dating and want to know the difference between online dating and traditional dating. Each has their pros and cons.

While traditional dating is basically the human default to meeting people, we are a species that evolves and adapts to their environment. If you are still only using traditional dating methods it might be time for you to change with the changes.

This article is to help you make an informed decision of which style of dating is right for you.

Online Dating: The Digital Rat Race Of Love

rat white backgroundOnline dating has grown tremendously in the last decade. There are estimates of over 40 million singles using their computers or phones to find a date. Online dating is usually fast paced. Users swipe and click photos of hundreds if not thousands of users per day. This can lead to an abundance effect. One in which relationships are not valued as much as they would be if finding love was a bit more scarce.

You may find yourself spending a lot of time typing out emails as well as replying to them only to find not much comes of your efforts. Maybe something does come about but it lacks substance. You may also find a higher level of competition. With so many options and varieties of singles to choose from you may end up being looked past when something new comes along a few hours later.

While those factors are less encouraging in using online dating for love, do not let that discourage you. The fast pace race track of online dating could help you narrow down and find exactly what you are looking for. Keep the positive and negative in mind when creating a dating profile.

Traditional Dating: Slow, Slower And Slowest

turtle white backgroundTraditional dating tends to be slow. The older you get, the slower it gets. By the time most people are in their late 20s to early 30s a lot of their friends are either married or in a serious long term relationship. They may find their self home on a Friday night more often than in the past. Singles may also discover they may even be going out alone at times.

Traditional dating is also slower in regards to the method. Traditional dating actually involves taking a bath, getting dressed up and leaving the house. People actually have to go outside and talk with other people by using their voices and not a texting app. Sounds old school I know! Traditional dating can take a lot of effort and time, but it is worth it if you meet the love of your life.

Online Dating VS Traditional Dating: Location Is Everything

location on map with phoneWe have all hear it before, location, location, location. Usually not in reference to dating though. It is true, where you choose to try to meet someone can have an impact on who you meet.

With traditional dating, most health conscious people for example may not choose a bar to find love. A bar may also be a bad location to look for something serious. While this is common knowledge in traditional dating, it does not appear to be in online dating. Online dating is no different and online dating sites are not created equal. Specific sites do tend to attract specific types of people.

man using apple computer for datingIn the online dating world there is a niche dating site for everyone and every thing you can imagine. There are dating sites based on religion like Christian dating and Muslim dating. There are matchmaking sites that claim to have special algorithms to pair you with the perfect partner. Some dating sites are geared toward people looking for long term relationships and some are designed for people wanting to find a hookup. POF dating is much different than Tinder for example. With so many dating apps and dating websites it might leave you questioning which is the best dating app to choose from.

Before you decide to try online dating you may want to do a little research on the type of site you are joining. With that being said, traditional daters who are not having much luck may want to take into consideration the places they are looking for dates as well.

Cost Comparison, Online VS Traditional And Why It Can Actually Pay Off

Many people complain that online dating is too expensive. This all really depends though on how you are using the services you choose and what you are choosing them for. A great example of this would be a single man or woman who is really out there looking for something long term. Dating sites and dating apps range from $5 to $30 per month. Going out for one night can easily top these figures when you are dating traditionally.

Cost may be a factor though to someone who goes out every weekend. This might leave little room for an extra item in the disposable income list. It may also not be much of a benefit to those who are not looking for anything serious. Although, if you do not really enjoy going out that much or do not have a lot of luck meeting women or men the traditional way, you can actually save money by using a paid online dating service. According to the good men project you can spend up to $12,000 per year in dating alone. That is a lot of money!

With that being said cost may be another thing you want to factor in when choosing an online dating website. Do you think that a completely free site may or may not attract the type of person you are looking to date?

Conclusion: The Style Of Dating That Is Best For You!

Really, that all factors in to your personality and lifestyle. The following list are considerations when making your decision.

Online Dating

  • Speed
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to connect 24/7
  • Cost effective
  • Thousands of potential dates
  • Ability to filter out results
  • Might benefit those who are shy or have a fear of initial rejection
  • Niche dating available
  • Chances to meet people you might not meet in your regular life setting
  • You can meet people all over the world

Traditional Dating

  • Can be expensive
  • Can be slower paced
  • Might be a bit intimidating for the shy type
  • Requires much more effort
  • Great for social butterflies
  • Limited to meeting people primarily located in your area and local dating

With that said I think you can see the clear winner in this match. Although this article is not intended to discourage you from traditional dating. It might be in your best interest to try both methods. Online dating can bring in the results and bring them in fast. While traditional dating might also be a great option as it is beneficial to get out once and a while to interact socially.