IWantU is a fairly new online dating site and dating app in which the dating theme pretty much follows the name. The dating site IWantU is geared toward people who are looking for an instant physical connection. Their blog even has posting primarily based around encounters and hookups.

Before you get too excited, make sure you read all the way down to the review.

If you are not looking for a soulmate (not saying you can not find one at IWantU) then you might want to give the dating site a try. The site is not geared toward people looking for a serious, long term relationship. When joining IWantU, think flirting, flings, fun.

Women can enjoy all of the benefits of the site for free, while the site does charge men to initiate contact. The charge is roughly about a dollar per day and lessens with different membership packages. If you sign up for an entire year with IWantU, you can receive a pretty significant discount.

Features Of IWantU

There are many different and unique features to IWantU, and others that you will find in any dating app like POF or Match.com. IWantU has some cool chat features that allow you to chat in real time with not only 1, but multiple members if you choose to do so.

They have a status type of feature that lets you broadcast to other users the type of mood you are in. A user can be in normal or naughty mode. There is no need for explanation on what these 2 modes may or may not entail.

Just like most dating sites, there is a flirt option as well which sends a quick little notification to someone you might be interested in. Most dating apps and websites have a feature like this.

Webcam features are also available and there is plenty of integration with your mobile device. You can even receive SMS messages. That way you never miss out when a dating opportunity arises.

There is also a hot list, where you can store your favorite members. Much like a favorite list. When you find someone you want to talk to, but for whatever reason wish to do it later, jsut add them to your hot list.

Searching IWantU To Find A Date

IWantU also has a phenomenal search feature. You can search out every single detail of a user if you wish, down to their eye color. For people less picky, find a date in your area with just the click of your mouse or a tap of your screen. You can also view the newest users in a search type fashion.

IWantU Review

We signed up for IWantU to see what exact ally the website was about. Now as far as design and functionality, the site does an excellent job.

You will find attractive profile pictures all through out the site, which can be another plus, in a normal setting. But there was something fishy…

We found that even before completing registration or uploading a photo we were already bombarded with messages. This seemed kinda of strange, especially since iWantU wanted money in order to read these messages from very attractive women.

IWantU messages

There is no way to confirm if these are computer bots, or a bunch of lonely hot women wanting to talk to someone without a photo. Or really much of a profile for that matter.

It is advised that you use this site with caution, as computer bots on dating sites is one of the oldest tricks in online dating history. Not sure if IWantU is using them to get paying customers but we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Who knows, maybe the world is really filled with attractive and lonely women.