How To Meet More Women On POF

How To Meet More Women On POF

Meeting women on POF, at times can be a task. A lot of men come in to online dating on Plenty of Fish with the assumption that once they post a few photos, thousands of women will be throwing their self’s at them.

Unfortunately, my friend, that is not the case.

And if it is, most likely they will not be the type of women you are trying to attract.

The Cold Hard Truth About Women And Online Dating

When it comes to dating women have their choice in men. This applies both in real life and through online dating.

Even mediocre or below average women are going to be in competition for when it comes to online dating. No news flash here, there are men who will go for anything that has a pulse.

If you are a 7 or an 8, do you really want to compete for a 5, who may or may not reject you?

Studies have claimed that women compared to men receive up to 100 emails per 1 that a male receives. What does this mean for the average single man?

It means that a woman’s POF inbox is going to be completely flooded with emails from every single man on whatever dating site/app you are using. Local guys, foreign guys and any other type of guy you can think of is most likely copy and pasting the same message, over, and over…. And over…

Even if they are not copying and pasting messages on POF, there is going to be a lot of competition between men on dating sites.

Fortunately there are a few things to ramp up your online dating game and increase your odds.

How To Meet More Women Online: Steps To Creating A Killer Online Dating Profile

You would be surprised at the number of men who put minimal effort in to their online dating profile. Psychologically, what does this say about you if you put zero effort in to something?

In a nutshell, it says you are lazy…

Step 1: Stop being lazy!

lazy husky

Nothing in life is going to place it’s self in your lap. Give yourself 10 minutes to actually complete your dating profile. There is no reason you can not take the time to fill out the “about me” section. There are women who would like to know about you.

A woman is not looking for something that sits on the couch and grunts.

Step 2: Write Something Interesting And Real

I am a writer

You do not have to be the most interesting guy on the planet. In fact, you do not need to be anything other than you. So many profiles are filled with superficial nonsense or emotional garbage that really has minimal impact on dating.

In some cases, it actually hinders the process and can turn people away.

There is no need to be emotional in your profile. You do not need to mention anything about how your ex hurt you or how you love writing poems all day long to give to the next Miss Right.

Talk about your hobbies and things that interest you. If you have the world’s greatest model train collection or love rock climbing, mention that. Never write things you think someone wants to hear.

Why? Because that is not you.

You want a woman who likes you, for being you.

Step 3: Take Clear Photos And Multiple Photos

Taking a photo 100ft away of you wearing a motorcycle helmet is not what we are talking about here. Using that as your main profile photo is also absurd and will be the death of your dating life.

Do you want to view photos of women hiding under blankets? Probably not. Same thing.

Take different photos in different settings. Allow people to see you from different perspectives.

Being the real you gives the impression of confidence. Plus it gives the potential date a small look in to your life.

Step 4: Start Sending Women Emails AND Make Them Stand Out

Look, meeting women online and in the real world is nothing but a numbers game. The more lines you cast out, the better odds you have for a catch. Especially on Plenty Of Fish and other dating apps.

You can be attractive and completely fail when sending a message. If your profile is trash, you only have 1 photo up and your only message is something along the lines of “hey”, prepare to be single for a while.

You want to know why? Every other man is sending that women the exact same message. What is going to make your “hey” message any better than the next guy’s “hey” message?

Now, here is where things get tricky. Do NOT send a woman some long drawn out email about your life story, wishes, wants and desires… Do not do it. So many men carry on and on, speaking to a complete stranger. In this case, you are better off sending “hey” messages. Both are time wasters, but one is much shorter than the other.

Take a few seconds, skim through their profile and send a 1 sentence message about something familiar to them. Just a simple ice breaker. Now you have put the ball in their court and if they wish to reply, they will. If not just move on.

Do not just tell them they are hot, blah blah blah. They hear it all day long on dating sites from desperate men.

Send as many emails as possible. Do not focus on writing one woman and sit for days waiting for a response. Write as many women as you possibly can. This puts probability in your favor.

Step 5: Do Not Waste Your Time With Meet Me Request

Meet me requests on POF are a waste of time if you are looking for a quality woman. Sorry to say it but it is for the most part.

Beautiful women are not going to sit around on Plenty Of Fish clicking on the meet me feature in hopes to draw more attention to their self. They already have enough attention, flooded with it.

You may be able to meet a mediocre woman this way. if that is what you are looking for though this may not be a bad idea. It is also not a bad idea if you have a ton of free time on your hands and want to spam swipe to the right to meet women.

Overall though, it is a big fat waste of time when trying to meet more women online dating as your primary method.


Meeting a lot of women online is not rocket science. You do not have to really do much other than put in a little effort but not over do it.

In a nutshell, all you need to do to meet women online is the following.

  • Complete your dating profile and select a decent POF username.
  • Be Yourself.
  • Add multiple, clear images.
  • Send out a lot of emails.
  • Have Fun Dating!

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