How To Block Someone On POF

creepy guy staring at taylow swift with a caption of how to block someone on pof

How to block people on POF is not all that complicated. You do however need to have an open conversation with them to block someone on POF. This means a message from them inside your POF Inbox. First you need to login. Then  click the “block user” link to the right of whatever message they have sitting in your inbox. They will be able to search for you, but no longer send you a message.

Its clear POF wants to avoid petty, excessive blocking and reporting outside of a good reason. They make it crystal clear you must have a real reason other than a difference of opinion or some other stupid, petty indifference , etc. Even going so far as to warn that your own account could be deleted for being a brat about things.

Also keep in mind you might be blocked from sending a message to someones POF Inbox simply based on their own settings. This can be anything from religious belief or lack thereof. The fact that you admit to using drugs, etc. These are all things a user may adjust inside mail settings.

How To Unblock People on POF

How to block users and report them on pofSo you decided the person you blocked was worth a 2nd chance? Maybe you blocked them on accident in the first place? Whatever your reason is, it is very simple to unblock someone on POF. You simply open any conversation with any user inside your POF Inbox and click “Users I Blocked” on the right side of page. Then simply click “Unblock User” next to the name of whoever was previously blocked. You may have blocked someone by accident, or decided to give them a second chance. You can always unblock someone. From your messages you can also report the message for inappropriate content.

Report User on POF

You can report a user for suspicious activity and the team at POF will investigate in strict confidentiality. Once again you will be warned to have a true reason for reporting someone outside of petty behavior. The following is a list of acceptable reasons.

  • Abusive User
  • Incomplete/Nonsense Profile
  • Indecent Images
  • Copyright/Cartoon Images
  • Forum Abuse
  • Nigerian/Russian Scam (we assume other countries can’t scam you either)
  • Promoting/Selling Stuff
  • Posting Old Pictures
  • Images That Do Not Show Their Face

To report user: Click on the Report User at the bottom of their profile page. They will not know if you reported them. Just make sure you have a valid reason that is against the POF TOS. The internet has never had a shortage of creepies so blocking someone on POF can be a very useful feature.