How To Find A Hidden Profile On POF

how to find hidden profiles on pof

Plenty Of Fish allows upgraded users to hide their profiles if they wish. Most people use this feature if they happen to meet someone and want to see how dating that person turns out. In other situations they may hide their profile simply to take a break from online dating.

You may have struck up a great conversation with someone and then lost contact with that person. Only to discover their profile had vanished. They could have deleted their profile permanently or they may have hidden their profile.

Even though Plenty Of Fish will not reveal hidden profiles, there are a few different methods you can use to find hidden profiles on POF.

Method 1: Using The POF Username Search To Find Hidden Profiles

If you happen to know the users name on POF, you can easily use the POF username search to see if the user still has a profile. If you can not remember the username of the profile you are trying to locate you can always search through your email if you have had contact with the user in the past.

Since POF sends a notification to your inbox directly each time you get a message, there is a chance you have their username sitting in your email messages.

PlentyOfFish requires you to sign in to your POF account before using the search features.

Method 2: Check Your Browser History

check browser historyIf you recently viewed the users profile, you may want to thumb through your browser history. While it might take some time it is a possible way for you to discover whether or not the user you are trying to contact has a profile.

While this is not the most proficient way to determine if a user has a hidden profile, it can work.

Each web browser is different so you will need to find out the settings to browser your history. In most cases using ctrl+h will open up your previously viewed web pages.

Things To Remember

If you are trying to figure out how to find a hidden profile on POF keep in mind that not all users want to be found. Be respectful of other peoples dating needs.

If you happen to be someone who does not want to be bothered by a user, you can read the article on how to block someone on POF.


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