Fake Profiles On POF And Other Dating Sites

Fake Profiles On POF And Other Dating Sites

Since the beginning of Plenty Of Fish and other dating apps, fake dating profiles have plagued the internet.

These profiles are usually featuring above average men and women who seem to be interested in you. This can be through likes, flirts or even emails.

Most of the time the emails are obviously fake, in which you can tell by the syntax. Usually broken English or what appear to be a canned response.

Other times, there is an actual real person typing behind the email. These can be the most leading fake profiles. They will appear to be genuine and the victim can really think they are speaking with a real person.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take before getting suckered by a fake dating profile on Plenty Of Fish.

Signs To Detect A Fake Dating Profile On POF

While dating scammers continue to evolve and become harder to detect, there are some very common things to look out for. Unfortunatly, if you are in fact online dating, you need to be aware of who contacts you.

Here are a few simple things you can to to avoid interacting with a fake POF profile.

Be Aware Of The Obvious Fake POF Profile

You sign in to POF and notice your Plenty Of Fish inbox is full of messages from attractive single women. They all want to talk to you.

Did you happen to become the most desirable catch on the planet, overnight?

Most likely they are above obvious fake profiles.

Some people still fall for profiles like this:

Women rarely take photos and post on their profile of their self in a bikini. Even more rare, they hardly ever have professionally taken photos.

Do not be so dumb, this is an obvious fake profile.

If you want to meet more women on POF, do not settle on one person just because the pictures are attractive.

Phone Numbers During Initial Contact

People who send their phone numbers during their first or 2nd message are usually scammers.

Sometimes they will even put their phone number on a photo. This is an obvious fake POF profile. In the dating world, placing phone numbers on images by scammers has become quite common.

Links In Profile Or Dating Email

These are always a dead giveaway, yet, thousands of people fall for these.

The link usually redirects to another dating site where they try to get you to sign up. Even worse, it may redirect you to some sort of phishing scheme where they try to gather personal information.

There is absolutely no reason to click on any link from someone on a dating site. So if someone sends a message with a link, stop talking to them.

Fake Profiles Will Ask For Your Email

A lot of times, fake profiles will ask you for your email address. They do this to usually start sending you links and put you on mailing lists you are not aware of.

If someone ever asks for your email address that you do not know, do not give it to them. Unless, perhaps, you enjoy junk mail with more dating offers.

Fake Profiles Will Give You Their Email Address

When a fake dating profile offers you their email address, this is just a different approach to obtain your email address.

Once again, do not do it. No matter how many naughty photos they offer you.

Screen Name Syntax

Sometimes, when a massive fake profile campaign hits a dating site, you will find similarities in the POF Username.

fake pof dating headline

For example, sandylovesu_0349457 and jennaloves_0284672 are all appended with an underscore and some numbers.

Since these fake POF profile campaigns are created and ran by the same scammer, they will also tend to say similar things within their messages.

Dating Headlines And profile Content

With a lot of fake dating profiles on POF and other dating sites, headlines and profile content will be out of the norm.

Sometimes they will contain a lot of sexual language. Other times, they will be full of scrambled text or things that simply do not make sense.

How To Protect Yourself Against Fake POF Dating Profiles

When you are trying to protect yourself against fake POF profiles the most important way is to simply be aware and take things slow.

Never give your email or phone number out right away. Make sure this is a real person you are speaking with for dating.

Never, ever, ever give anyone any money or personal information.

Report Fake Profiles

Make sure if you have a fake profile trying to contact you on POF, that you report them. Plenty Of Fish will look in to the report and determine if they are in fact real or fake.

If they are fake, they will find their POF account deleted and you can pat yourself on the back by helping to fight dating spam.

Reporting their profile will also automatically block the user.

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