Delete POF

delete pof

There are many reasons why someone may need to delete POF. Maybe you met the love of your life, if this is the case then congratulations! For some people they may simply not have the time for dating at the moment. Whatever the case is when you delete POF you are always welcome to come back in the future. If you are having trouble finding out where the POF delete account section is, you will learn in a few short steps. You do not have to contact POF customer service to delete your account unless you have forgot your Plenty Of Fish login information.

The first thing you need to do is sign in using the username and password associated with your POF login. If you have this information stored in your browser and do not have it memorized you may want to write it down for easy access. You are going to have to enter it one last time before you finish deleting your Plenty Of Fish account. Once you are signed in to your dating profile you need to go to the help section. The help section is a bit confusing at first but for the most part will walk you through almost anything you need help with. Once you find the help menu, click it. This is in the top right hand corner of the screen. See the image below for reference.

pof help menu

Now that you have entered the POF help section you are going to see a whole host of links to a ton of different questions, answers and help items. We are going to look for the link that says ‘Remove Profile’ to delete POF. It will be in the left hand corner of the screen.

menu item to remove profile on plenty of fish

This is where things get a bit redundant. The next screen discusses how to hide your POF profile and seems to be designed to try to convince you of other options opposed to deleting POF. To continue with the deletion process look for the following section and click the link that is named ‘Click Here’ as in the image displayed below.

click here link to delete plenty of fish

OK, if you are still following along you are almost done. This next screen on is a lot like the previous screen where you are overloaded with links to other things you might not be looking for as well as a few extra attempts to try to keep you as a member. You can leave a testimonial or have your profile reviewed by others. Since we are going to delete POF we are going to go right to the location to remove our profile completely. At the very bottom of this page look for the section that says ‘To delete your account CLICK HERE!’.

2nd to last step in deleting plenty of fish

Delete POF Account, The Final Step

Now we are finally at the last step. This is where you are going to fill out a bunch of exit data and where you are going to need to re enter your POF login information. If you met someone from the online dating site then they will ask for their user name. Plenty Of Fish is also going to ask you a few other questions about how many dates you went on and if you would recommend their matchmaking services to other people. As a last ditch effort to prevent you from deleting your profile they also display a video. For the men it shows a video thumbnail of what looks to be a modern day yet scrubbier Fonzie, another guy that looks related to Jack Black and a few other of their buddies. This is a bit misleading though as these characters are not actually in the video. It is some sort of relation guru named Sarah who gives you tips on how to meet women. You can watch this video if you like. If you just want to delete POF the click the red button that says ‘Quit / Give Up / Delete Account’.

final page to delete POF

After you submit the delete form, your Plenty Of Fish account will be completely deleted. You will need to make a new account if you wish to use Plenty Of Fish again.